When Subhas Chandra Bose sent the “Indian Medical Mission” to China against Japan

Did you know that on June 12, 1938, All India China day was observed in an effort to collect funds

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Vimla Sood, Tabitha Solomon, Fatima Ali Jinnah……Who among them are the first female dentists of India?

Women have a long history in the field of dentistry. Badri Teymourtash was the first female Iranian dentist. Josephrine Serre

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डॉक्टर रफ़ीउद्दीन अहमद : भारत में दंत चिकित्सा के जनक

भारत में 19वीं सदी के दौरान दंत चिकित्सा में क्षेत्र में कोई काम नहीं हुआ था. पहली बार वर्ष 1920

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