If you try searching the names of Indian female pilots, you will come across a recent few names such as Saarah Hameed Ahmed, Iram Habib, Sayeda Fatima, etc.

But the truth is that India has witnessed three Indian Muslim female pilots as early as the twentieth century – Abida Sultan, Begum Hijab Imtiyaz Ali, and Zeenat Haroon Rasheed.

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When Sheikh Abdullah (Papa Mian) wrote poem for his daughter, Khurshid Jahan

Sheikh Abdullah, founder of Women’s College in Aligarh, and Begum Waheed Jahan had seven children, five daughters and two sons. Begum Khurshid Jahan, born in 1918, was the youngest daughter.

When she was a kid, there was a rumour that beggars with long beards kidnapped the children and would sell them away. Therefore, Begum Khurshid, when four year old, used to get terrified at the mere sight of any man with a long beard.