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Sayeed Sultana : Wonder Girl From Hyderabad Who Stunned the World of Table Tennis

Sayeed Sultana was India’s table tennis national champion in 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953 and 1954. Her family migrated to Pakistan in 1956. She too went to Pakistan and continued playing and won championships in 1956, 1957, and 1958. She was the table tennis national champion of Pakistan. In 1959, she retired and passed away on 15th September, 2005.

Bihar Freedom Movement Women

जुर्माना अदा करने की बात पर जब बेगम हसन इमाम ने जज से कहा : क्या अंग्रेज़ी क़ानून इतना ही मज़बूत है की कोई पैसा दे कर छूट जाए ?

वो दौर 1930 का था जब बेगम हसन इमाम अपने शौहर के कंधे […]


Begum Hijab Imtiaz Ali: The First Indian Muslim Pilot

‘Meri na-kaam Mohabbat’ (My failed love), a story written by Begum Hijab Imtiaz Ali when she was 12 years old is often considered as one of the best romantic stories ever written in Urdu. The family she was married into was one of the most progressive Muslim families and encouraged her to learn flying after marriage and becoming mother.

Freedom Fighter Freedom Movement Women

Begum Jahanara Shahnawaz: Who Won the Political Rights For the Indian Women

Begum Jahanara Shahnawaz was one of the two women representatives at the First Round Table Conference, one of the three women representatives at the Second Round Table Conference, and the only woman at the Third Round Table Conference. Later on, when the Joint Select Committee was formed to finalize the Government of India Act, of 1935, Jahanara was the only woman member of it.