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Freedom Movement

During the Bengal famine, Sahir Ludhianvi wrote a poem which has a couplet:


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No, Maulana Azad didn’t oppose reservation for Pasmanda

The idea of reservation to OBCs (Hindus, Muslims or Sikhs) came about in 1990 after the Mandal Commission recommendations were implemented. The reservation under article 341 defined only SC community and most of these Pasmanda castes don’t come under this identification.

Usha Mehta, India’s bravest Radio Jockey, fondly known as Radio Ben

“This is the Congress radio calling on 42.34 meters from somewhere in India,” spoke Usha Mehta after the Quit India Movement had been silenced by the Britishers.

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan plays Usha Mehta in her movie Ae Watan Mere Watan.

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The Telegraph and the Mutiny

In 1839, Samuel Morse, reputed as the telegraph pioneer, laid the first telegraph lines connecting Washington to Baltimore. In India, the same year, O’Shaughnessy completed 21 miles of a telegraph line wrapped around trees and vast stretches which included a river crossing of 4 miles as an experiment.

Democracy was believed to be a western idea by Maharaja of Banaras

Democracy is an occidental idea. A Hindu cannot comprehend it as long as he is a Hindu. It is against his religious belief. The divisions of Varna are the basis of his religion. He cannot see without distress a Brahman or Kshtriya serving a Sudra. A Brahman may beg or even may die, yet he will never touch a dish from which a Sudra has partaken food.