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DENTISTRY- A complete timeline

The progress of dentistry into an advanced science is a truly remarkable one. This timeline only scratches the surface on how this specialty evolved. The importance and value of dental art and science as a humane service are well recognized, but we are so accustomed to view the question from the modern standpoint that we, generally speaking, overlook the immense work done by our predecessors reaching far back in unbroken line to the mists of antiquity. It was they who laid the foundations upon which modern dentistry has been built.

Freedom Movement

An excerpt of an essay written by Rezaul Karim, a Bengali Indian Muslim Freedom fighter, who fought against the partition of India and wrote about Muslim casteism.


वीरानों में खो गया “हॉकी का ब्राजील” भोपाल

भारत में शुरू से ही हॉकी एक मशहूर खेल रहा है। हॉकी स्टिक और कॉर्क की बॉल से खेले जाने वीले इस खेल को भारत में करीब 100 वर्षों से अधिक समय हो चुका है। हॉकी भारत का वह खेल है जिसने आठ स्वर्ण पदकों के विश्व रिकॉर्ड के साथ ओलंपिक में देश को सबसे बड़ा गौरव दिलाया है। देश के करीब हर राज्य में खेले जाने वाले इस खेल का एक गढ़ भोपाल भी रहा है। 1935 के करीब एक समय ऐसा भी था जब भोपाल को हॉकी का...

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A curious case of Lotah & the Revolt of 1857

In 1834 when authorities tried to take away personal Lotah at Alipore Jail, prisoners attacked Magistrate Richardson and killed him with Lotahs.

Amir e Paigah, Nawab Sir Viqar-ul-Umara Bahadur, the Prime Minister of Hyderabad

Sir Viqar-Ul-Umara Bahadur served as the Minister of Revenue under his cousin Sir Asman Jah, the former Minister of Hyderabad, for some years, and when Asman Jah resigned from the post, in 1893, Sir Vikar was appointed as the Prime Minister of Hyderabad in the latter part of that year.

Who was Kafir according to Nana Saheb?

Kafir is the term used by Peshwa Nana Saheb during the revolt of 1857 for the British. In his proclamation to the people of Deccan, Nana said that Kafir British had destroyed Hindu and Muslim kingdoms.

Did Ganesh Narayan Kolhatkar inspire Gandhi for Charkha & secularism?

It is no secret that hand-spinned clothes and secularism became the cornerstone of  Mahatma Gandhi’s movement. Gandhi was actually a fulfilment of Ganesh Kolhatkar’s prophecy made in 1868 that “those who wish to be remembered in the future history of India, ought not to shrink back from undertaking this work (of making clothes in India and boycott British made cloth)”. 

Was Jayaprakash Narayan a commander of Subhas Chandra Bose in India?

In the areas where war is waged or which the Japanese occupy or where they infiltrate, the foreigner’s civil rule will weaken or come to an end. In these areas we must establish a Swaraj Government. In the name of this Government we must appeal to retreating units of the Indian Army to stay behind and become the people’s army.