The history of Western Medicine and its rise in Colonial India

Modern instruments such as thermometers, stethoscopes, microscopes, and vaccines led to the improvement in the diagnosis and prevention of the disease. These advancements shook the foundation of Orientalism and the Europeans no longer saw benefits in rediscovering the traditional medicine as they no longer considered it rational.


DENTISTRY- A complete timeline

The progress of dentistry into an advanced science is a truly remarkable one. This timeline only scratches the surface on how this specialty evolved. The importance and value of dental art and science as a humane service are well recognized, but we are so accustomed to view the question from the modern standpoint that we, generally speaking, overlook the immense work done by our predecessors reaching far back in unbroken line to the mists of antiquity. It was they who laid the foundations upon which modern dentistry has been built.


Father of Modern Surgery: Al Zahrawi

In pharmacy and pharmacology, Al-Zahrawi pioneered the preparation of medicines by sublimation and distillation. He dedicated a chapter of his book to pharmacy and pharmaceutical techniques. The chapter was later translated into Latin under the title of Liber Servitoris

Freedom Movement Historical Event Medicine

When two Indian healthcare professionals visited Europe in 1925.

Together with Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar, they laid the foundation of Jamia Millia Islamia. Hakim Ajmal Khan became the first chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia followed by Dr Mukhtaar Ahmad Ansari. Hakim Ajmal Khan was also the founder of Tibbia College for Ayurvedic & Unani Medicine.

This account shows their visit to Europe in 1925.