Congress President, Syed Hasan Imam, who represented India at the ‘League Of Nations’

Syed Hasan Imam totally dedicated himself to the Indian freedom movement, after resigning from his job as Justice in the High Court.

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Syed Hasan Imam, who was of the opinion that people who do not have a progressive outlook, can not properly enjoy the fruits of self rule, was born in Neora village, Patna district of Bihar State on 31 August, 1871.

He was the younger brother of freedom fighter Syed Ali Imam. He went to England in 1889 to pursue his higher education. Hasan met Indian students, who were of anti-British ideology. He took an active part in their activities. He returned to India in 1892 and started practice as an advocate.

In 1910 he shifted to Calcutta, where he earned fame as a successful advocate. By attending Indian National Congress Madras sessions in 1908, Syed Hasan Imam joined Indian National Movement.


He presided over the meeting held by the Bihar State Students to whom he appealed to adopt progressive thinking amd shun anti-progressive customs and habits.

Imam opposed the proposal for separate constituencies for Muslims, which was moved in the Indian National Congress sessions in 1911, held in Allahabad.

From High Court Justice to Indian Freedom Fighter

He totally dedicated himself to the Indian freedom movement since 1916, after his resigning from his job as Justice in the High Court.

He took over the responsibilities as a full time freedom fighter. Syed Hasan Imam presided over the Indian National Congress Conference held in Bombay.

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Hasan Imam played a vital role in the Home Rule Movement. He wanted cordial relations between the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League. He thought that the differences between
the Congress and the League would hamper the goal of Independence and therefore took initiative for the Congress-
League Scheme.

Syed Hasan Imam strongly opposed the Rowlatt Act of 1919 and conducted a huge rally, which sent shivers among the British. He had great respect towards Islam, but opposed religious bigotry.

Syed Hasan Imam opined that there should not be any religious interference in solving common problems. He warned that achieving freedom could be impossible in a hostile environment between Hindus and Muslims.

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Thus, he advocated for unity and religious harmony. Hasan Imam played different roles both in the Indian National Movement and the Movement for social reforms in the country. He led the ‘Swadeshi League’ as its General Secretary, which was formed to garner public support for the Swadeshi Movement. He attracted the masses with his impressive speeches, which irked the British Government.

Syed Hasan Imam, who dedicated his life for the Indian National Movement till his last breath, passed away on 19 April, 1933.

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