Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari : Great Freedom Fighter of India & "Symbol of Hindu-Muslim Unity"

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, who laboured hard for achieving Hindu-Muslim unity with the firm belief that Indian independence could be achieved only through united struggles of various communities, was born on 25 December, 1880 in Yousufpura, Ghazipur District of Uttar Pradesh. His father was Haji Abdur Rehaman and mother Illahan Bibi.

He graduated in medicine from the Nizam College in 1900 and went to England to pursue higher studies with the help of the Scholarship provided by the Hyderabad State. He obtained his Masters Degree in Surgery in 1908 and returned to India in 1910. Though he became very famous as a Medical professional among the rich, he served the poor without any fees.

Dr. Muqtar Ahmed Ansari’s political life started when he participated in the Home Rule Movement in 1916. He took membership in the Indian National Congress, which boosted up his political career. He played an instrumental role in the Lucknow Pact between the Congress and the Muslim League. He became very close to Mahatma Gandhi by participating in the Anti-Rowlatt Act Movement.

He led the Khilafat delegation, which met the Viceroy in 1920 and played an active role in the Non-Cooperation Movement. He became the Chancellor of Jamia Milia Islamia after Ajmal Khan. He gave top priority to ensuring harmony between the Hindus and Muslims. He advocated respect for the feelings of the Hindus and appealed to the Muslims in the meeting held by the Muslim League to give up cow slaughter during Bakrid.

He formulated the Indian National Pact along with Lala Lajapat Roy to prevent communal violence and conducted a Unity Conference in 1924 to bring harmony between the Hindus and Muslims. Once again, he conducted a Unity Conference on 27 October, 1927 and appealed that religion should not interfere with politics.

He very actively participated in the Indian National Congress Sessions held on 27-28 July, 1929, where he successfully tried to gather Muslims having national feelings on one platform. He founded All India National Muslim Party and worked as its Treasurer.

When he became the President of the Indian National Congress in 1927 on the invitation of Mahatma Gandhi, he spent all of his wealth for the Indian National Congress activities, which left him almost bankrupt. He spent his later life in writing and developing the Jamia Milia Islamia. Dr. Muqtar Ahmed Ansari passed away on 10 May, 1936.

(From : The Immortals Album of 155 MFF authored by Syed Naseer Ahamed in 2014)

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