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What did happen to the Mughals after Bahadur Shah Zafar?

The photograph shows Mirza Ilahi Bakhsh, or Shahzada Muhammad Hideyat Afza, in 1862. This man was from the Royal house of Mughals who had helped the British in 1857 and played an instrumental role in the surrender of Bahadur Shah Zafar at Humayun’s Tomb. For his ‘services’, the British recognized him as the Chief Representative of the Royal Mughal Family in 1858. Mirza was also granted jagirs at Meerut and Delhi with a pension of Rupees 22,830 P.A.

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Nehru wrote this note in praise of the cartoonist Shankar in 1937

Kesava Shankar Pillai, considered to be the father of political cartoons in India, worked as a cartoonist for the Hindustan Times till 1946 before starting his own journal ‘Shankar’s Weekly’. Below is the text of a note written for the public by Jawaharlal Nehru (then the President of Congress) on 24 February 1937. Nehru had famously told him after becoming the Prime Minister, “Don’t Spare me, Shankar”.

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Unveiling the Palestine Movement: Jamiat Ulamai Hind’s Historic Struggle for Justice and Freedom

In a historic proclamation, Maulana Asad Madni, leader of Jamiat Ulamai Hind, shared the formation of the All India Palestine Committee. This committee was established in August 1967, to address the grave issue of the loss of the Holy Places, including Baitul Muqaddas, Palestine, and other Arab territories seized by Israel.

Jamiat Ulamai Hind played a significant role in the Indian Freedom struggle against British rule, stood firmly against the division of India and emphasized the importance of justice and the security of Arabia. The formation of this committee highlights the commitment of Jamiat Ulamai Hind to the cause of Arab victims of Israeli aggression and the freedom of Afro-Asian countries from imperialist control.

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Interaction between a Christian missionary and Shah Abd al Aziz of Delhi:

The missionary asked if the Prophet Muhammad was the beloved prophet of God why did he not ask God to save his grandson Husayn and his children. The assassination of Husayn, he said it proved that the Prophet Muhammad was not beloved of God.

Shah Abd al Aziz replied that the Prophet did go to God for help, but God said that He could not help his grandson because he could not save HIS OWN SON from crucifixion. This reply silenced the missionary, and he paid the promised amount to Metcalfe.

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The first and only visit of Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya to the royal court of Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

As it turned out, the Qazi who had brazenly threatened Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya passed away suddenly just two weeks after. The Sultan, who was hand in glove with the ulemas in orchestrating the Sheikh’s humiliation, met a violent end only some months later. And the entire coterie of ulemas was dragged off to Daulatabad by the mercurial Muhammad bin Tughlaq in 1328. Most of them never returned to Delhi: A few died on the way, many more perished after reaching Daulatabad. The city of Delhi, too, lost its lustre: It turned into a ghost town when Muhammad bin Tughlaq decided to shift his capital, and though efforts were later made to rectify the damage done, the city never quite returned to its former glory.

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The First Indian Immigrants to the US: A Living Elephant

The lucrative Indo-American trade began about 1790 and fortunes were being made on both shores.

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The Sultan & The Revolution – From Mysore to France

It was an all-out devastating loss for the French in which only two ships out of thirteen managed to escape.

Less than a year after, Arthur Wellesley and his comrades stormed Srirangapatnam, putting an end to Tipu Sultan’s rule as well as his life.

Napoleon, meanwhile, recovered quickly from his defeat and went on to become the Emperor of France.

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