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Nehru wrote this note in praise of the cartoonist Shankar in 1937

Kesava Shankar Pillai, considered to be the father of political cartoons in India, worked as a cartoonist for the Hindustan Times till 1946 before starting his own journal ‘Shankar’s Weekly’. Below is the text of a note written for the public by Jawaharlal Nehru (then the President of Congress) on 24 February 1937. Nehru had famously told him after becoming the Prime Minister, “Don’t Spare me, Shankar”.

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Jamhoor, Aligarh: Champion of Democratic Values

Jamhoor was published three times in a month, on 6th, 16th, and 26th days of the month. Owned and edited by Mohammad Umar Khan Chattarvi (1924-2003), a well-known literary and pro-Urdu figure from Aligarh who was also the founding Secretary of the Urdu Board Aligarh and Idara-e- Ilm-o-Adab, Aligarh, under which he organised various Urdu literary activities and worked to promote Urdu education.