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Janata Weekly: Nurturing Indian Political Consciousness Since 1946

Launched in January 1946, Janata Weekly emerged as the voice of socialist ideals during a pivotal era in Indian history. Founded by a coalition of socialist intellectuals and political activists, it fostered dialogue on democratic socialist principles and advocated for the rights of the oppressed in pursuit of profound social change.

Senior Indian journalist, Qurban Ali, writes in a Facebook post, “Today I got the first four issues of Janata Weekly published in February of 1946 (courtesy of Bilal Jilani in the USA). Smt. Aruna Asaf Ali was the first editor of this weekly. I have had the honour and privilege of being associated with this august journal Janata for over 43 years.

Janata Weekly has been printed in English from Mumbai since 1946. Aruna Asaf Ali was connected with the journal since its inception. Edatta Narayan, Achyut Patwardhan, Rohit Dave, S. Natarajan, N.G. Goray, Prem Bhasin, J. D. Sethi, H.K. Paranjape, Madhu Dandavate and Surendra Mohan have been Janata’s editors in the past. The current editor of Janata is veteran socialist and hundred-year-old freedom fighter Dr G.G. Parikh.

An issue of Janata Weekly from 1946
An early edition of Janata Weekly from 1946

Maulvi Mohammad Yahya – Founder All India Momin Conference & Editor, Publisher Al-Momin

Janata Weekly’s Inception and Mission

Janata began its publication in 1946 when Indian political consciousness was nascent in its emergence. It desired to bring to Indian politics a breath of fresh air and an enlightened articulation of modern thoughts so that the country could attain nationhood along with political maturity. In all modesty, Janata would like to claim to provide a forum for the expression of new political thought.

Janata has helped, week after week, in creating a climate for the growth of secular and progressive forces. If a platform like Janata was necessary during the last seven decades, it is even more necessary today to awaken a greater awareness of social responsibility among people. The Weekly has pursued these purposes with perseverance and without fear. It was printed and published by Edata Narayanan at Roxy Press, New Delhi. It shifted to Bombay in May 1949 and was printed by G.S. Bhargava at Western Printers and Publishers Press, 15-23 Haman Street, Fort, Bombay. Dr G.G. Parikh has been its Editor since 2010.”

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