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Sultan Yusuf Shah Chak, Grave of an exiled Kashmiri king lies in ruins in Bihar

The grave of Sultan Yusuf Shah Chak of Kashmir is situated in present-day Islampur, Bihar. How did he end up there?

Yusuf Shah Chak of the Chak Dynasty was the last independent ruler of Kashmir before it was taken over by Emperor Akbar in 1585. He then took Yusuf Chak as a political prisoner and exiled him to Bihar.

According to Prof Imtiyaz Ahmad, Patna University, ‘Yusuf Shah and his retainers were settled at the Biswak Pargana where he was later buried.’

But what could be the reason behind exiling him to Biswak rather than any other Pargana? Who else is buried alongside his grave and in what condition is it, today? Click on the link, to know the full story.

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Sultan Yusuf Shah Chak, the Grave of an exiled Kashmiri king lies in ruins in Bihar

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