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Silk Letter Movement: Name of all 59 charged by the British for waging war against the Crown

During the First World War, Maulana Mahmood Hasan, and other Islamic scholars planned an armed attack on British India from the Afghanistan frontier. The ambitious plan did not succeed because of the changed geo-political scenario (defeat of Turkey and Germany) and the British getting hold of three silk letters, which gave away the whole planning. After this, 59 people were charged for waging the war against the crown. I am sharing the names of these 59 forgotten heroes of the Indian freedom struggle.

Silk Letter Movement: A freedom struggle woven in silk

  1. Abdul Aziz Molvi, son of Haya Gul from Itman Zai, Peshawar
  2.  Abdul Bari B.A., son of Ghulam Jilani from Lyallpur
  3. Abdul Hai Khwaja, son of Khwaja Abdur Rahman from Gurdaspur 
  4. Abdul Haq Shaikh alias Jeewan Das from Shahpur district. He was an official witness.
  5. Abdul Haq Molvi from Rifah-e-Aam Press Lahore. 
  6. Abdul Majeed Khan, son of a Risaldar Manager from the 15th Cavalry Battalion of the army.
  7.  Abdullah Molvi, son of Nihal Khan from Sukkur district. He was an official witness.
  8. Abdul Qadir B.A., son of Ahmad Deen from Lyallpur. 
  9. Abdur Rahim Sindhi Shaikh, son of Lala Bhagwan Das from Hyderabad, Sindh
  10. Abdur Rahim Molvi, son of Rahim Bakhsh, Masjid Cheenian Wali, Lahore.
  11. Abdur Rashid, a migrant student of Mardan and Lahore.
  12. Abdur Razzaq Ansari Hakim, son of Abdur Rahman of Delhi.
  13. Abdul Waahid, son of Siddiq Ahmad from Tanda, United Provinces.
  14. Abul Kalam Azad Molvi, nickname Mohiuddin, son of Maulana Khairuddin from Calcutta.
  15. Abu Muhammad Ahmad Molvi alias Molvi Ahmad, son of Ghulam Hussain from Lahore and Chakwal
  16. Ahmad Ali Molvi, son of Habibullah, from Gujranwala district. He was an official witness.
  17. Ahmad Miyan Molvi, son of Abdullah Ansari from Ambetha, district Saharanpur (United Provinces). He was an official witness.
  18. Allah Nawaz Khan, son of Khan Bahadur Rab Nawaz Khan honorary magistrate of Multan, Punjab
  19. Anees Ahmad, B.A. Molvi, son of Idrees Ahmad, assistant secretary at Anglo-Oriental College Aligarh, United Provinces.
  20. Ozair Gul Molvi, son of Shaheed Gul of Durgayee, Northwest Frontier. 
  21. Barkatullah Molvi Muhammad of Bhopal and Japan
  22. Fatah Muhammad Sindhi from Rok, Sindh
  23. Fazlul Hasan Molvi alias Hasrat Mohani from Aligarh.
  24. Fazl Elahi Molvi, son of Meeran Bakhsh from Haripur, thana Wazirabad, district Gujranwala, Punjab.
  25. Fazl Mahmood Molvi, son of Molvi Noor Muhammad from Charsadda, Northwest Frontier.
  26. Fazl Rabbi Molvi from Peshawar.
  27. Fazl Wahid Molvi, son of Faiz Ahmad, alias Haji Turangzai, from Northwest Frontier.
  28. Habibullah Ghazi, the son of Ruhullah from Kakori, district Lucknow, United Province.
  29. Hadi Hasan Syed, from Khan Jahanpur, district Muzaffar Nagar, United Province.
  30. Hamdullah Molvi, son of Haji Sirajuddin from Panipat. 
  31. Hussain Ahmad Madani Molvi, son of Molvi Habibullah from Faizabad and Medina.
  32. Ibrahim Sindhi, M.A. Shaikh, son of Abdullah from Karachi.
  33. Kala Singh, a migrant from Ludhiana (Punjab) 
  34. Khan Muhammad Khan Haji from Peshawar. (died)
  35. Khushi Muhammad, son of Jan Muhammad from Talauli, district Jalandhar, Punjab.
  36. Mahendra Pratap Kunwar, son of late Raja Ghanshiam Singh from Mursan, United Province.
  37. Mahmood Hasan Maulana, former head-teacher at Deoband Madrasa, United Province.
  38. Matloobur Rahman Molvi of Deoband, an employee of the Agricultural Department, UP Govt.
  39. Mohiuddin alias Barkat Ali Molvi from Kasur. 
  40. Mohiuddin Khan Molvi from Moradabad. (Qazi of Bhopal)
  41. Muhammad Abdullah B.A., son of Shaikh Abdul Qadir, Secretary Mianwali District Board.
  42. Muhammad Ali B.A. son of Abdul Qadir from Kasur.
  43. Muhammad Ali Sindhi, the son of Habibullah from Gujranwala.
  44. Muhammad Aslam Attar from Peshawar.
  45. Muhammad Hasan B.A. from Lahore whose father was an employee in the Paisa newspaper.
  46. Muhammad Hashim Molvi Syed from Kora, Jahanabad, Fatahpur. 
  47. Muhammad Masood Molvi, son of Mazhar Hussain from Deoband, United Province. (Official witness)
  48. Muhammad Miyan Molvi, son of Molvi Abdullah Ansari from Ambetha, district Saharanpur, United Province.
  49. Muhammad Mubeen Molvi, son of Muhammad Momin from Deoband. (Official witness)
  50. Muhammad Murtuza Molvi Syed, son of Bunyad Ali from Bijnor, United Province. (Official witness)
  51. Noorul Hasan Syed from Ratheri, district Muzaffar Nagar U.P.
  52. Obaidullah Molvi alias Buta Singh from Sialkot, Punjab.
  53. Sadruddin alias Dr. Abdul Karim Barlasi, son of Amir Ali of Banaras. 
  54. Saifur Rahman Molvi, son of Ghulam Khan from Peshawar district, Northwest Frontier.
  55. Shah Bakhsh Haji, son of Imam Bakhsh Ansari from Hyderabad, Sindh. 
  56. Shah Nawaz Khan, son of Khan Bahadur Rab Nawaz Khan, honorary magistrate, Multan, Punjab.
  57. Shujaullah, son of Habibullah from Lahore.
  58. Wali Muhammad Molvi from Futuheewala, district Lahore.
  59. Zahoor Muhammad Molvi from Roorkee, son of Inayatullah of Saharanpur.

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