Dr. Maqdoom Mohiuddin :- A Great Freedom Fighter, Urdu Poet, Trade Union Leader.

Dr. Maqdoom Mohiuddin, who attacked the Imperialist forces with his fierce poetry as a part of the Indian National Movement, was born on 4 February, 1908 in Andol village of Medak district in Andhra Pradesh. His original name was Abu Sayeed Mohammad Maqdoom Mohiuddin Khadri. He lost his father in his childhood. He was brought up at his uncle Bashiruddin’s home, where he was acquainted with the Indian National and Communist movements.

He reached Hyderabad in 1929 where he completed his M.A. in Urdu in 1937 despite his poverty. Later, he finished his doctorate by submitting a research thesis on Urdu drama. He joined the City College in 1929 as a lecturer. He started writing poetry against the British Imperialism and Fascism with his poem ‘Tour’, which was published in 1934.

He got close relations with the Communist groups since 1936, thus, he played an instrumental role in the formation of the Hyderabad branch of the Communist Party in 1941. He resigned from his job in order to dedicate himself totally to the Indian National Movement and the Indian Communist Movement. He was imprisoned in 1942, for participating in the Quit India Movement. He observed that there were no laws for the welfare of the labour in the Industrial Areas under Nizam rule. Thus, he started the Trade Union Movement, in which he played the leading role till his last breath.

Maqdoom Mohiuddin never cared the sanctions and punishments imposed by the Nizam and the British rulers for his role in the Trade Union Movement. Even his writings also were banned by the Nizam Government. He participated in the Unification Movement of Nizam in Indian Union. He won in the elections held after Independence and became Member of Legislature Assembly.

He also worked as the Member of the Legislative Council. As a poet, Maqdoom earned fame beyond the boundaries. Some of his poems and ghazals even appeared in several Hindi movies. Dr. Maqdoom Mohiuddin, who was adored by the people as a poet, leader of the Indian national movement, trade unionist and the people’s representative, died on 25 August, 1969.

(Source : The Immortals, an album of 155 Muslim Freedom Fighters with the brief of each MFF in English and Telugu, authored by Syed Naseer Ahamed, Mobile : 9440241727)

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