Maulana Manzoor Ahsan Ajazi :- Great Freedom Fighter of India who spent 13 years in British Jails.


Moulana Manzoor Ahsan Ajazi, who spent 13 years in jail during the struggle for the emancipation of India from the yoke of British, was born in Dihuli near Muzaffarpur with in the jurisdiction of Shakara police station in Bihar, in 1898. His parents were Mahfoozunnisa and Moulvi Hafizuddin Husain.

Even at the age of 15, he participated in anti-British movement in 1913 and later he organised several agitations as a student union leader. He went to Champaran on the message of Mahathma Gandhi along with another firebrand of Indian National Movement Moulvi Hasrat Mohani in 1917 to defy Rowlat Act and to participate in the Sathyagraha organised by Swadeshi Indigo Farmers.

Moulana Manzoor Ahsan Ajazi quit his job in 1919 to devote himself in the promotion of National Movement as a full time activist when Khilafath and Non-cooperation Movement was in the full swing. He got ample recognition for his active participation in the programme of collecting funds for the soldiers of Balkan War.

He was imprisoned for the first time in 1921 and again in 1930 for taking part in anti British activities for a year and half a each time. His movements were restricted for his active participation in Dandi Sathygraha.

In 1941, he undertook individual Sathyagraha and was sent to jail once again. He was elected chairman of Mujafarpur local Board in 1942. Moulana Manzoor Ahsan Ajazi won public admiration for several of his welfare activities.

He took active part in Quit India Movement in 1942. He toured extensively in Bihar extending support to anti-British activists and for spreading message of Gandhiji and his forms of struggle and social reforms. He was arrested again and sent to jail for a period of four years. Thus Moulana Ajazi spent a total 13 years in the jails of Alipur, Alighar, Buxor, Muzaffarpur and other Jails.

In the post independence India, he was elected as a member of legislative assembly from Fathepur in Bihar in 1957. He carried out his responsibilities as an MLA till 1962. Later on he gave top priority to Hindu-Muslims unity and social reforms. Moulana Manzoor Ahsan Ajazi was in public life till he breathed his last on 17 May, 1969.

(From : THE IMMORTALS an Album of 155 Muslim Freedom Fighters authored by Syed Naseer Ahamed, published in 2014)

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