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Nagorno-Karabakh: A walk through history

The Nagorno Karabakh region has been a major bone of contention between Azerbaijan and Armenia since the two nation-states were formed after the disintegration of the soviet union. The region has seen both sides resorting to open war in the last year. The geopolitical significance has also attracted regional powers into taking sides with Turkey allied with Azerbaijan and Russian supporting Armenia.

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Diwali & Lakshmi Puja : As Described By European Christian Missionaries

Following is the description of Diwali & Lakshmi Puja given by John Murdoch in his book ‘Hindu and Muhammadan Festival’, 1904. The compilation was to help Christian Missionaries to propagate the gospel among Hindu & Muslim women during the festivals since it was otherwise difficult to interact with women. The work-based itself upon a number of studies from the mid-nineteenth century.

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जानें, कौन हैं पटना में जन्मे शेख़ दीन मोहम्मद जिन्हें गूगग-डूडल कर रहा है याद

एंग्लो-इंडियन ट्रैवलर, सर्जन और उद्यमी शेख दीन मोहम्मद जिन्होंने यूरोप में भारतीय व्यंजन और शैम्पू की शुरुआत की थी, गूगल-डूडल

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