Trial of Maulana Shaukat Ali at Karachi Court

Following is an excerpt of the trial of Maulana Shaukat Ali at Karachi Court in September, 1929

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(Following is an excerpt of the trial of Maulana Shaukat Ali at Karachi Court in September 1929)


Magistrate: Were you present at the All India Khilafat Conference?

Shaukat: There has not been a single Khilafat Conference in India that I have not attended.

M: At the Conference was the 6th resolution (telling Muslims that joining the army of England is Haram) passed which is exhibited here, and did you support it?

S: I supported that resolution and I am still in complete agreement with what is stated therein. I am only sorry that I did not speak on this resolution at the Conference at Karachi, although I have delivered hundreds of speeches on Khilafat everywhere in India.

M: Do you like to say anything else?

S: Heaps. I go on speaking and you can only record what you think is relevant to the case. Upto this time I was under the impression that there was still some justice in the British reign. I did not believe in the British Courts already, but today I am seeing that they are a mere farce. I believe that theatre shows are much better than these Courts. It is really unfortunate for us Mahomedans, Hindus, Parsis and all communities of India that we have anything to do with this Government.

Maulana Muhammad Ali’s Speech at the Round Table Conference in London

M: I am not here to hear your lecturers.

S: Then you can send me to the gallows. I have delivered hundreds of speeches and I care not to deliver any to you……………… I like to tell you that from August last I am a free man. I do not care for the Navy, I do not care for the Army. I am quite happy and healthy.

I am a subject of God and a free citizen of India. I do not want the King, nor this Court nor the Army. Even if I am prosecuted to death I shall be happy. Today that the Government is prosecuting me, the foundation of Free India is definitely laid. It is my duty as a Mussalman not only to free myself alone but also to carry this message to every Mussalman in this country.

S: I do not care whether the soldiers or others listen to me or not. Mr. Magistrate, you might hang me on earth or sky. Do what you like. I do not care. I cannot be friendly towards the enemies of Islam.

M: If you go on in that strain., I cannot allow you to do so.

 Maulana Shaukat Ali: What is that strain? You are insulting our faith by not allowing me to speak. What can I do? God teaches me that. I don’t care for you. What are you here? You are a mere gramophone. I am speaking on my case. I have now come to the conclusion that this Government is a mockery and a scandal. Damn this Court, damn this Government, damn this prosecution, and damn this whole show. (with this Shaukat Ali heavily sat down in his chair)


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