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When Bi Amma (mother of Ali Brothers) addressed public along with Mahatma Gandhi in a veil (Burkha)

Following is the diary entry made by Mahadev Desai, secretary of Mahatma Gandhi, regarding the Moradabad conference (10th October, 1920) which proceeded Gandhi’s visit to Aligarh. The conference was addressed by Motilal Nehru, Madan Mohan Malviya, Shaukat Ali, Mohammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi and others. Abadi Begum, better known as Bi Amma also addressed the gathering.

Freedom Fighter Women

Kulsum Sayani, Great Indian Social activist and Freedom Fighter.

In a letter dated June 16, 1945, Gandhiji addressed Sayani as Beti Kulsum and wrote: “I like the mission of Rahber to unite Hindi and Urdu. May it succeed.” Rahber was now being read by hundreds of political prisoners lodged in jails across the country. Anyone interested in learning Gandhiji’s Hindustani picked up Rahber. Along with her work of administrating women literacy classes in Mumbai, Sayani immersed herself in bringing out Rahber.