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Corporal Hasan : The Last Guard of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

City: Quds. Location: Al Aqsa Mosque, Date: Friday, 21 May 1972. My late journalist friend Said Terzioğlu and I are wandering through the sacred sites with the help of our guide. It was at the top of the steps in the second courtyard of the sacred mosque. He had a height close to two meters… He had some aging clothes upon his aging body… standing bold upright. I looked at his face and was scared. It was like someone had overturned some barren soil. He had many scars on his face.


Defender of Madina, Fahreddin Pasha

Ömer Fahrettin Türkkan said, “Soldiers! I appeal to you in the name of the Prophet, my witness. I command you to defend him and his city to the last cartridge and the last breath, irrespective of the strength of the enemy. May Allah help us, and may the spirit of Muhammad ﷺ be with us.