1857 की क्रांति के नायक बाबू कुंवर सिंह और उनके मुस्लिम साथियों की वीरगाथा

जब बिहार मे 1857 की क्रांति की बात होती है तो सिर्फ़ ‘बाबू कुंवर सिंह’ का नाम लिया जाता है..

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Vimla Sood, Tabitha Solomon, Fatima Ali Jinnah……Who among them are the first female dentists of India?

Women have a long history in the field of dentistry. Badri Teymourtash was the first female Iranian dentist. Josephrine Serre

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Gujarat Riots – 1969 : When Congress Government Helped an anti-Muslim Massacre

(Following is an excerpt from Professor Ghanshyam Shah’s ‘Communal Riots in Gujarat : Report of a Preliminary Investigation’ published in

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HINDU-MUSLIM COMRADESHIP : By Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madni

The Muslims have joined hands with the Hindus since the day they adopted India as
their country, and as for myself I have made political and social alliance with the Hindus since I saw the light of the day as I was born and brought up in this very country

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Views of Mahatma Gandhi on India’s Independence as told to Wali Khan (son of Badshah Khan)

“How could I consider it a day of freedom and joy when I had to say goodbye to your father, Badshah Khan, at the Delhi Railway Station. He was my comrade, friend, companion, and fellow freedom fighter, and now that we have attained independence, we are parted. Perhaps we may never see each other. Now you see what joy this independence has brought for me?”

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