Meena Kumari Who Willed Her Estate For The Blind Students

Meena Kumari, famous Indian film actress, died at a young age of 39 in 1972. Very few people know that before dying she had willed her estate for a charitable trust in order to establish a workshop and training institute for the blind.

In 1958, Meena Kumari played a blind woman in a film, Sahara. During the portrayal of a blind woman Kumari was so moved that she decided to do some constructive work for the blind. After the death, her will instructed the people to establish a charitable trust and establish a workshop for the blind.

According to will a proportion of her estate had to be given to this charitable trust but the executors of the will did not respect. Nevertheless, a charitable trust under the guidance of actress Nargis Dutt and filmmaker Khwaja Ahmad Abbas was formed. The trust had set a target of raising One Lakh Rupees for the project. 

The trust organized a special premier of ‘Gomti ke Kinare’, the last movie of Meena Kumari and raised Rupees 50,000 through it. For the other Rupees 50,000 several film personalities promised to donate, which they never did. Meanwhile, Rs. 50,000 raised through the premier were donated to ‘The Muncherjee Nowrojee Banajee Industrial Home for the Blind, Jogeshwari in Mumbai and the Meena Kumari Charitable Trust was shut down by Nargis Dutt because of the indifferent attitude of the film fraternity.



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