History Of Jinnah's People's Memorial Hall – Mumbai.

Mumbai Heritage

The Jinnah’s People’s Memorial Hall, is located inside the compound of the Indian National Congress Buildings near Lamington Road and nowadays is known as P.J. Hall (maybe to hide its origins).

This Hall commemorates the historic struggle led by Jinnah on December 11, 1918 in the Anti-Willingdon-Memorial agitation which served to rouse the citizens of Bombay. When the First World War broke out and the Governor of Bombay convened a meeting of the notables, Jinnah pointed out that Indians who join the army should receive equal treatment.

When the war ended and as the Governor Willingdon was leaving, there was a plan to erect a war memorial in his honor.

A meeting was convened in the Town Hall to gain support for the war memorial project. Jinnah took the lead in foiling the plan by flooding the Town Hall with more than 300 Congress supporters.

Jinnah and his followers were evicted from the hall by the police. But, it was a great victory for Jinnah and another meeting was held a few days later, and with each participant contributing, an amount of around Rs.65, 000 was collected to erect this People’s Jinnah Memorial Hall.

This Hall later housed the offices of the Bombay Provincial Congress Committee, and was venue of important nationalist gatherings in the city. Nowadays, it is used for commercial purpose.


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