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Dil of Delhi

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What did happen to the Mughals after Bahadur Shah Zafar?

The photograph shows Mirza Ilahi Bakhsh, or Shahzada Muhammad Hideyat Afza, in 1862. This man was from the Royal house of Mughals who had helped the British in 1857 and played an instrumental role in the surrender of Bahadur Shah Zafar at Humayun’s Tomb. For his ‘services’, the British recognized him as the Chief Representative of the Royal Mughal Family in 1858. Mirza was also granted jagirs at Meerut and Delhi with a pension of Rupees 22,830 P.A.

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शरीफ़ मंज़िल और ख़ानदान ए शरीफ़ी (1719 -2019)

हकीम शरीफ़ ख़ान ने 1720 में एक ‘हवेली’ बनवाया था। हकीम सादिक़ अली ख़ान जो हकीम शरीफ़ ख़ान के बेटे

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