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Shahrukh Khan’s father Meer Taj Mohammad write about a martyr freedom fighter

Shahrukh Khan’s father Meer Taj Mohammad wrote that Hari Kishan was the brother of Bhagat Ram who, in the grab of Rahmat Khan, escorted Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose from Calcutta to Kabul vin the Khyber Pass, eluding Birtish Intelligence. Bhagat Ram being a Pathan, did not have much difficulty in impersonating as a ‘Maulvi’ and he took Netaji with him in the guise of Zainuddin, his dumb elder brother going on a pilgrimage to a sacred tomb in Afghanistan.

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Raja Mahendra Partap: A Great Man Reduced to Jaat Raja by the Politics

In his autobiography, Raja Mahendra Partap recalled Niaz Ali as his first teacher. Altaf Hussain, Ali Mohammad, Pandit Bhagwandas, and Wilayat Hussain were other teachers at MAO, who get mentions in his autobiography. Ahmad Hussain was his best friend and Kunwar Man Singh of Sirohi, Prince of Tonk and Nawab Mohiuddeen were other good friends in college.

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Freedom Fighter

सोहन लाल पाठक : बर्मा की जेल में शहीद हुआ एक भारतीय क्रांतिकारी

सोहन लाल पाठक का जन्म 7 जनवरी 1883 को अमृतसर में हुआ था, बचपन से ही पढ़ने में काफ़ी तेज़

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When Mahatma Gandhi Paid Visit to Dargah Qutubbudin Bakhtiyar Kaki Two Days Before His Assassination

Mahatma Gandhi visited Dargah of Qutubbudin Bakhtiyar Kaki, Mehrauli, Delhi amidst the communal riots on 27th January, 1948. He was killed two days later on 30th January by Nathuram Godse. Generally women were not allowed in the innermost shrine but the condition was waived off in order to allow women with Gandhi inside. 

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हकीम अजमल ख़ान : पहचान ही नही; आख़री निशान भी अब ख़तरे में, कौन है ज़िम्मेदार?

आज 29 दिसम्बर है. आज ही के दिन हिन्दुस्तान की जंग-ए-आज़ादी के अज़ीम रहनुमा, जामिया मिल्लिया इस्लामिया व तिब्बिया कॉलेज

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Begum Jahanara Shahnawaz: Who Won the Political Rights For the Indian Women

Begum Jahanara Shahnawaz was one of the two women representatives at the First Round Table Conference, one of the three women representatives at the Second Round Table Conference, and the only woman at the Third Round Table Conference. Later on, when the Joint Select Committee was formed to finalize the Government of India Act, of 1935, Jahanara was the only woman member of it.

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