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मीर सुलतान ख़ान : शतरंज की दुनिया का बादशाह

सब बुरे मुझ को याद रहते हैं  जो भला था उसी को भूल गया 1930 की दिसंबर थी और इंग्लैंड

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When Dr. Zakir Husain was almost killed in riots at Jalandhar in August, 1947

(Dr. Zakir Husain (1897-1969) got almost killed in August 1947 at Jalandhar — but for the help he got from

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When Ambedkar wrote that the assassination of Gandhi would be good for the Country

While one regrets the assassination of Gandhi, one can’t help finding in his heart the echo of the sentiments expressed by Cicero on the assassination of Caesar. Gandhi had become a positive danger to this country. He has choked all free-thought. He was holding together the Congress, which is combination of all the bad and self-seeking elements in society who agreed on no social or moral principles governing the life of society except the one of praising and flattering Mr. Gandhi. Such a body is unfit to govern a country. As the Bible says ‘that sometimes good cometh out of evil,’ so also I think that good will come out of the death of Mr Gandhi. It will release people from bondage to a superman. It will make them think for themselves and it will compel them to stand on their own merits.

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When Sir Syed Ahmad Khan first spoke on the political future and strategy of Muslims in India

GENTLEMEN, –I am not given to speaking on politics, and I do not recollect having ever previously given a political lecture. My attention has always been directed towards the education of my brother Mahomedans, for from education I anticipate much benefit for my people, for Hindustan, and for the Government. But at the present time circumstances have arisen which make it necessary for me, I think, to tell my brother Musalmans clearly what my opinions are.

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Sir/Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Presidential Address to the Allahabad Session of the All-India Muslim League in 1930

Islam does not bifurcate the unity of man into an irreconcilable duality of spirit and matter. In Islam God and the universe, spirit and matter, Church and State, are organic to each other. Man is not the citizen of a profane world to be renounced in the interest of a world of spirit situated elsewhere. To Islam, matter is spirit realising itself in space and time.

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