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Book Reviews

Sawaneh-i Dehli: Delving into Dehli’s Enigmatic Past by Mirza A. Akhtar Gorgani

The book was written, as Mirza Akhtar states in his preface, to make his sons aware of the events and trends in brief. The first chapter gives a history of Dehli. The author refers to Hindu hagiography like “Dilli Mahatam”, and reminds the readers that the old fort was earlier called Inderpat, reminiscent of Indraprastha of the hoary past. And from Pandavas he jumps to Anangpal Tomar and Prithviraj Chauhan. Interestingly Mirza Akhtar notes that many historians believed Prithviraj had built the first story of Qutub (Qutb) Minar.

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