Aligarh (AMU) : As I Saw It

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A dream that comes true; like the rare sight of a shooting star.

Aligarh is the memory engraved in every heart.

It is the guardian that shows the way of life.

It is the simplest joy one could ever find.

It is the bustling streets of Amir Nisha and tripling on a Scooty ride.

It is the revelry at Numaish and Matri Omelet at Chungi every night.

It is the hullabaloo during Student’s Elections and Biryani as bribe.

It is also the fight for justice during a Student’s strike.

Aligarh is the Mushaira that echoes in Kennedy Hall.

It is the heartwarming Tarana that fills the air with love and furor.

It is the splendid Dastarkhan at Iftaari during a Ramadan month.

It is the call to get closer to your Creator at a religious sermon.

Aligarh is that richness in a culture, flaunting its Sherwani and Hijab.

It is the blessing endowed upon us by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

Shining in a million eyes, its minarets stand tall.

Aligarh is a vision that breathes through the soul.


(Author, a B.Tech from AMU, Aligarh & Masters from University of Strathclyde, writes as a passion to share her personal experiences. More of her writings can be found on )

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